The Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work (NBSW)

The Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work (NBSW) is a joint network of the doctoral schools, universities and other institutions in social work in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The aim is to strengthen and improve postgraduate studies in social work and to create a forum for planning a long-term Nordic-Baltic research training agenda.

The network will establish a long-term collaboration between social work research schools and other bodies giving postgraduate/research training in these Nordic and Baltic countries. The network provides research training for PhD students in Social Work, and will organise annual summer-schools and research courses.

According to the network, none of the existing postgraduate research training forms on a national level is able to offer a competitive platform on their own at present. Cooperating on a Nordic and Baltic level will contribute to increasing the quality of research training. This may help join together the different paradigms of social work research, enrich the theoretical and methodological training, and establish links both regionally between the Nordic-Baltic research traditions and researchers as well as internationally.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Tarja Pösö, University of Lapland, Finland



1.200.000 NOK