The Nordic eScience Initiative (eNORIA)

The Nordic eScience Initiative (eNORIA) is based on collaboration between experts from the research councils of Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway.

Upon request from the Nordic Ministers for Education and Research (MR-U), eNORIA proposed an action plan (2008) for the implementation of the Nordic eScience strategy.

The joint Nordic efforts on eScience are still ongoing, now in the shape of the eScience globalisation initiative, proposed by the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Education & Research (EK-U) in 2009.

NordForsk has been given the responsibility by the Nordic Council of Ministers to coordinate the implementation of this initiative.

eNORIA will be officially finalised in spring 2011, with the establishment of the steering group for the eScience globalisation initiative.


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Facts about the project
Project leader

Gudmund Høst, Research Council of Norway, Norway