The past LAND cover - CLIMate Interactions in Europe over the last 10 000 years

Palaeoenvironmental reconstructions are critical to develop and evaluate predictive models of environmental change, including climate change.

Comparison of model outputs with empirical data is a very useful approach to refine models and to understand processes behind empirical data in more depth. Climate models and other environmental process models still need to be continuously improved using such an approach.

Using novel modelling protocols, the network aims to:

  • evaluate and improve existing vegetation and climate models
  • estimate feedback effects of natural and human-induced vegetation/land-cover changes on climate in NW Europe during the Holocene
  • identify areas or climate zones in which land-cover changes have had significant impacts on regional climate.
  • investigate the effect of Holocene climate variability on long-term vegetation dynamics
Facts about the project
Project leader

Marie-José Gaillard-Lemdahl, Linnæus University, Sweden