Towards Multi-scale Modelling of the Atmospheric Environment (MUSCATEN)

The Nordic natural environment is unique in the world, with its extreme variability in time and space, its specific landscape and climatic features and thus poses a challenge for modelling and forecasting the atmospheric environment and impacts.

Its specific features require high temporal and spatial resolution together with adequate descriptions of the meteorological, climatological, environmental and physiographic conditions. Understanding, describing and properly predicting the North European atmospheric variability in a holistic way is becoming possible using multi-scale coupled NWP-ACT models able to simulate all interacting physical and chemical processes and feedbacks of the atmosphere and interactions with the underlying surface.

The Nordic environment offers an excellent test bench for fine-scale models. Thus, the Nordic expertise in atmospheric modelling makes a valuable contribution to the understanding and prediction of global change processes and their impacts in specific and sensitive environmental conditions.

This network aims to cover the whole chain from basic research and researcher training towards the application of these models. By sharing modelling tools, observational and physiographic data, as well as computing and educational resources, the network will contribute to strengthening the expertise in coupled NWP-ACT atmospheric modelling in the Nordic countries and areas around the Baltic Sea.

The network combines research groups from the leading universities and national weather services of the area.

Facts about the project
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Rein Rõõm, University of Tartu, Estonia

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