Translatio: Network for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Textual and Cultural Translation in the Middle Ages

Translations played an important role in the Europeanisation process throughout the Middle Ages. With translations the ideas of a common European cultural heritage was spread.

Translation studies have over the last two decades focused on translations as parts of a larger context of transfer and exchange between cultures in constant movement. This change of focus has opened up for interdisciplinary collaboration where contextualization has been a central issue.

To cover this wide perspective on translation, the network uses the concept of “translation” not only for the actual translation of an individual text, but also for its interplay with other texts and its transformation in the various contexts where it is introduced, as for example in the visual arts.

The network connects scholars and research students from a number of disciplines, such as representatives for Scandinavian, Latin, Romance and German philology, as well as from the study of literature, the history of ideas and philosophy, the history of art, and the history of church and religion.

Facts about the project

Project number: 27040

Project leader

Karl G. Johansson, University of Oslo, Norway