Young physical activity and well being

The main aim of this course is to present students with a review of cutting edge research and disseminate current knowledge of youths’ positive affect (PA) and well-being as well as support and supervision of the research of the PhD students.

The focus of this 5-day course is youths’ health and well-being in wide perspective and to stimulate further research collaboration in Nordic countries.

Critical scientific issues of epidemiological theories and various methodological approaches will be highlighted. Perspectives and dilemmas will be discussed and students helped to relate their own research to these perspectives.

The course gathers young researchers from five Nordic countries and top international scientists in the fields from the Nordic countries, USA and UK. The students will have the opportunity to develop their own research further by discussing their ideas and research protocols with experts as well as fellow students, through group sessions and presentations of their work. The students will also be exposed to experts in areas of physical activity epidemiology different from their own.

Furthermore, the course should help the students to establish valuable network, connections, and collaborations in this field. Such networking is very important for young researchers for future collaborations and employment opportunities. Finally, the students will be presented with various post-doctoral research opportunities within the Nordic countries. The course will be instrumental in pairing up leading Nordic researchers and promising young researchers, which should lead to fruitful research in the future.

Facts about the project
Project leader

Erlingur Johannsson, University of Iceland, Iceland