Weekly News

New report: Better research cooperation can aid integration and migration in the Nordic countries
The study of migration is instrumental in providing a better knowledge base for decision-makers – and promoting a more informed population at large. A new NordForsk policy paper maps the current Nordic integration and migration landscape, and suggests measures that can improve the policy relevance of research activities.
“Migration is this century’s most important issue”
Would it be of relevance for the Nordic countries to launch research cooperation relating to migration? Yes, thinks Tuomas Martikainen of the Migration Institute of Finland. He has led the work with NordForsk's most recent policy paper, an overview of existing knowledge in the area of migration and integration.
Poor integration puts the Nordic welfare model at risk
Professor Allan Krasnik fears enormous economic and social problems for the Nordic society if the integration of refugees and migrants is not successful. “The Nordic welfare model is based on equality and solidarity, and there is an impending risk of rising inequality and conflict in society if refugees receive inferior services,” claims Professor Krasnik.
Call for Proposals: International Postdoctoral Research Fellowships within the Nordic Neutron Science Programme
NordForsk announces 10 million NOK for international postdoctoral research fellowships within the Nordic Neutron Science Programme. Apply by 30 August 2017.