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Template - Total budget - Health and welfare.xlsx
Template - Participating research teams - Health and welfare.doc
Template - Participating research teams - eScience tools and techniques
Template - Total budget_eScience tools and techniques
Template_Participating research teams_NTA
Template - Total budget - NTA
JPI template budget_Full proposal
JPI_template PIs_Full proposal
Arctic project plan
Template - key reserarchers_Arctic planning grant
Budget template Infrastructure
Reviewers guidelines and evaluation criteria
Template - Participating research teams - NCoE Arctic
Template - Total budget - NCoE Arctic
Template - Participating research teams - User-driven innovation in health and welfare
Template -Total budget -User-driven innovation in health and welfare
Template-participating research teams-Nordic Register Pilots.doc
Nordic Curriculum
Annex 1_Nordic Centre of Excellence Concept.pdf
Annex 2_ Programme memorandum.pdf
Financial Details Form NWO
Template_Total budget_Society, Integrity and Cyber-security
Summary of UK Resources Required for an CICS Project
Template - Participating research teams -Society, Integrity and Cyber-security
Template_Training and education team
Annex 1_National eligibility requirements
Template_Participating research teams_NCoE Solving the Gender Paradox
Detailed_Budget_Template_Nordic Neutron Science Programme
Template_Total budget_Nordic Neutron Science Programme
Template_Total budget_NCoE Solving the Gender Paradox
Template_Total budget_Nordic-Russian cooperation proposal
Template_ Participating research teams_Green Growth_Module I
ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus - Project proposal budget
ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus -Work Plan budget distribution
Template - Participating research teams
Total budget_Nordic Neutron Science Programme_Research_Schools
Salary specification_Green Growth_Module_I
Template - Total budget_NNSP_Research_Projects
Salary specification_NCoE_Bioeconomy
Distribution of budget per co-operation partners_Green Growth_Module I
Template - Total budget_Green Growth_Module I
Distrubution of budget per co-operation partners_NCoE Bioeconomy
Total budget_NCoE Bioeconomy
Template - Total budget_Nordic Register-based RP
Coordination-specification_Green Growth_Module_I
De minimis information form
Template - Total budget_Open Science_Arctic
Nordic University Hubs_Distribution of budget per Consortium partner
Nordic University Hubs_Own contribution
Nordic University Hubs_Coordination-specification
Distribution of budget_Inclusive Education Across Borders
Distribution of budget Research Team NL_Inclusive Education Across Borders
Template_Total budget - Inclusive Education Across Borders
Calltext_Inclusive Education Across Borders
Description_Research teams_Inclusive Education Across Borders
Progress report template Flagship projects
Template_Total budget_Neutron PostDoc Fellowships
Standard template_Participating research teams
Total budget_NCoE_Education for Tomorrow
Distribution of budget_NCoE_Education for Tomorrow
Distribution of budget_The Underpinnings of Nordic Societal Security
Total budget_The Underpinnings of Nordic Societal Security
ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus 2017 - Full project proposal budget
Total Budget_Nordic-Russia additional funding 2018
Template_Total budget_Personalised paediatric cancer treatment
Annex 1_National funding rules
Work Package Teams_NordicPerMed
NordicPerMed_Budget template
Open Access document
Template_Participating research teams
Open Access Annex Paediatric cancer trials call
ERA-Net Project outline budget
Total Budget_NNSP_MOOC
Applied funding and other funding related to the project
WP budget distribution template
Budget template_SES
ESRC Guidelines
Guiding questions Joint Nordic-UK Migration and Integration Research Programme
Assessment criteria and guiding questions - Sustainable Urban Development and Smart Cities
Programme Memorandum
Digitalisation_Annex 1
Assessment guidelines - PhD and researcher mobility
Annex 1 - Sustainable Aquaculture
Assessment criteria and guiding questions-Sustainable Aquaculture Call
Programme Memorandum Sustainable Aquaculture
Assessment criteria and guiding questions - Interdisciplinary