Large fishing net in the ocean, with seagulls flying above

13 applications to make fisheries more sustainable in the North Atlantic, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea

Project owners from Denmark, Finland, and Norway have submitted 13 applications in the Nordic-Baltic call for proposals for research projects on Sustainable Fisheries from Healthy Seas. Kyösti Lempa, special advisor at NordForsk, is responsible for this call. He states:

“We are very satisfied with the broad participation from countries in the Nordic-Baltic region. Researchers located in Denmark, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are involved in the applications. It shows that this topic is widely relevant in the North Atlantic, the North Sea, and the Baltic Sea,” he says, adding:

“Project owners and project leaders are from Norway (70%), Denmark (15%), and Finland (15%). In total, the applications contain approximately 163 researchers/participants. We can expect high scientific quality among the projects that receive funding, and that the projects will contribute important knowledge and enhanced policy advice in the management of this critical natural resource. Moreover, the projects will address the impacts of climate change on fisheries and explore ecosystem services, ensuring that sustainable practices not only support biodiversity but also the livelihoods dependent on healthy marine ecosystems.”


The focus of ‘Sustainable Fisheries from Healthy Seas’ is on sustainable fisheries in the context of climate change and the green transition. The aim of the call is to examine the impact of fishing activities on the marine environment and the options for fisheries to reduce their impact. The research area of this call encompasses the North Atlantic, the North Sea, and the Baltic Sea. 

Budget and funding

The available budget in this call is NOK 40 million. The intention is to provide funding for up to 5 research projects under this call with a duration of three-four years.

The call has been created in collaboration with:

  • Innovation Fund Denmark
  • Estonian Research Council
  • Research Council Faroe Islands
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland
  • Icelandic Ministry of Food, Fisheries and Agriculture
  • Research Council of Lithuania
  • Research Council of Norway
  • Nordic Council of Ministers


Kyösti Lempa

Kyösti Lempa

Special Adviser