COVID tester in medical protection clothes
Foto: Johannes Wiken, Forsvaret

Eight new projects will conduct research on societal security

Senior Adviser Kine Bugge Halvorsen says: “We are very excited about the eight new projects that have been awarded funding under the Societal Security calls. These eight projects will in different ways tackle important issues on the topic of preparing for future crisis and we are confident that they will make important contributions to Nordic research on societal security in the years to come.”

The eight new projects granted funding involve researchers from all the five Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark.

There are eight funding partners in addition to NordForsk: Academy of Finland, Ministry of the Interior Finland, Icelandic Centre for Research - RANNIS, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Swedish Research Council, Innovation Fund Denmark, Research Council of Norway, and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

List of projects on societal security beyond COVID-19:

SCOPE 2: Studies of COvid-19 in PrEgnancy - A framework to secure reproductive, maternal and child health during societal crises
Project leader: Olof Stephansson
Participating countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark

Lessons for the Nordic welfare states from the Covid19-pandemic
Project leader: Simen Markussen, The Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research
Participating countries: Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark

Strategic solidarity: Scandinavian countries' COVID-19 vaccine diplomacy
Project leader: Katerini Tagmatarchi Storeng, Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo
Participating countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark

Reinterpreting Sector Responsibility in Nordic Crisis Management after COVID-19
Project leader: Rasmus Dahlberg
Participating countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark

INSPECT Societal Security after COVID 19 - Inquiring Nordic Strategies, Practices, Educational Consequences and Trajectories
Project leader: Ane Qvortrup, University of Southern Denmark
Participating countries: Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Long-term health sequels of COVID-19 infections and mitigation responses in Nordic populations
Project leader: Unnur Anna Valdimarsdóttir, University of Iceland
Participating countries: Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark

List of projects on societal security and antimicrobial resistance:

Tracking of Antimicrobial Resistant Genes in Environmental reservoirs in the Nordic Countries
Project leader: Randi Jacobsen Bertelsen, Universitetet i Bergen
Participating countries: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland

Wastewater Treatment plants as a trusted Source of Timely information on antimicrobial resistance threat (TruSTme)
Project leader: Adriana Krolicka, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS
Participating countries: Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway