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Pre-announcement: Research and Innovation Programme on Digitalisation of the Public Sector – call for proposals

The overarching aim of the call is to combine and integrate knowledge-based, digital innovation efforts with research on the related effects and/or impact on society and end-users, based on factors that enable and drive digital transformation of public sector: emerging technologies; emerging organisational practices; and/or emerging regulatory frameworks and governance mechanisms.

Who is eligible to apply?
The scheme is open to applications from eligible researchers based at research organisations including academic research and research institutes. The host institution that coordinates the research project must be a research-performing institution located in one of the participating countries. Public organisations including regulatory agencies, municipalities etc. and private enterprises are also eligible to participate subject to the funding rules of the individual partners.

Projects must consist of participants from at least three countries, at least two of which must be from Nordic co-funding countries. Participants from non-funding countries may participate in projects by providing their own financing as long as the overall aim is to pursue the goals of this call.

Funding partners from other countries may join the programme and hence their national researchers become eligible applicants.