Mai 14

NeIC 2019 - Nordic Infrastructure for Open Science

The NeIC conferences are organised biannually bringing together around 230 experts, researchers, policy makers, funders and national eIntrastructure providers from the Nordics and beyond. The aim is to create an opportunity for people in the eInfrastructure field to connect and collaborate with colleagues across the Nordics and to enable them to share knowledge and expertise.

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center 14.05.2019 09:00 to 16.05.2019 23:00

Jun 18

Analysing Teaching Quality: Perspectives, Potentials and Pitfalls

The Nordic Centre of Excellence 'Quality in Nordic Teaching' (QUINT), is hosting its first conference, which will bring together world leading scholars with a keen interest in discussing the many aspect of measuring teaching quality.

University of Oslo, University Library, Georg Sverdrups building, Auditorium 2 18.06.2019 09:00 to 20.06.2019 17:00

Sep 12

Ethics of health care and research in small-scale communities 

The conference is organised by the Nordic Committee on Bioethics in collaboration with the University of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn, 12 September 2019.

University of the Faroe Islands, Kongshøll, Vestarabryggja 15, 100 Tórshavn 12.09.2019
from 09:00 to 17:00