Actors for Social Justice in Education

The 2nd Biennial Conference of the Nordic Centre of Excellence Justice through Education in the Nordic Countries (JustEd) focuses on factors that constrain or serve to further justice in education. The focus is on the actors and their agency, negotiations, transgressions and practices of resistance at the policy, society, school, and classroom levels.

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University of Helsinki 08.03.2016 til 09.03.2016



+358 2941 40509

The Nordic Centre of Excellence "Justice through Education in the Nordic Countries" under the Nordic research programme Education for Tomorrow, organizes a pre-conference before the 44th NERA congress "Social Justice, Equality and Solidarity in Education" taking place in Helsinki on 9-11 March 2016.

Issues related to diversity and education, dropping out of education, social exclusion and inclusion of young people, marginalization and belonging are focal questions in all of the Nordic countries as well as globally. Marginalization and exclusion from active participation and success in education are detrimental both for the individual and society at large. Schools, other educational institutions as well as various actors within and beyond these institutions have a significant role in the processes of exclusion and inclusion.

Contact person: Tuija Veintie, phone: +358 2941 40509, e-mail:

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