Forskerkurs: Physical and biochemical methods for analysis of fish as food

The overall aim of the course is to provide insight into the state of the art laboratory techniques that are recommended for analysis of the changes occurring in fish muscle after slaughter: rigor mortis, water holding capacity, lipid oxidation, protein oxidation and denaturatrion. Including also the influence of these changes on industrial processes and on product quality.

Tid og sted


National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark 21.11.2011 til 25.11.2011



+45 4425 2581

The course consists of a five day workshop with laboratory exercises. During the workshop students will be taught the laboratory techniques that are applied for analysis of post mortem changes in fish muscle: enzyme activity measurements, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectroscopy, DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) and GC (gas chromatography), SDS-PAGE and western blotting. 2-D gel electrophoresis will be discussed and demonstrated.

Credits: 3 ECTS

Deadline for applications: 21 September 2011

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