Nordic Climate Change Adaptation Conference

Are societies sufficiently aware of and prepared for unprecedented changes due to climate change? This is a central question for the Second Nordic International Conference on Climate Change Adaptation.

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Conference Hotel Rantapuisto, Helsinki, Finland 29.08.2012 til 31.08.2012

This conference is a joint initiative between the two Nordic researcher networks Nordic climate change adaptation research network (NORDCLAD-Net) and NOrdic Network on Adaptive Management in relation to climate change (NONAM), operating under the Top-level Research Initiative's "Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change"-programme. The local organisers are the Finnish Environment Institute and the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Adaptation Research meets Adaptation Decision-Making

The Conference seeks to identify common ground between adaptation research and adaptation decision-making by comparing experiences, reporting new insights and revealing key gaps in knowledge. Some of the other questions being asked include:

  • Many countries have developed climate change adaptation strategies, but do decision-makers really have the appropriate information, expertise and tools available to them to implement adaptation decisions?
  • What adaptation research is underway and where is information currently lacking?
  • Is it more sensible to wait and see what happens, or to implement adaptation measures right away?
  • How should adaptation policies be targeted – where are they needed most and who should be responsible for implementing them?
  • Do the adaptation decisions of today need to be effective in 30 years time? In 100 years time?
  • What is the cost of climate change to the environment and society, how do we measure that cost and who foots the bill?


The Conference is open to scholars and practitioners interested in climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation. Invitations are extended to researchers across a range of disciplines, public and private decision-makers, regional and local planners, professionals with a background in risk management as well as representatives of NGOs and international organisations. There will be an emphasis in some sessions on adaptation in a Nordic setting, but participation and experiences from outside the region are also strongly encouraged.

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts may be submitted for oral presentations in the parallel sessions, as well as for posters. Abstracts will be evaluated by a scientific committee comprising Nordic and external experts.

Deadline for submitting abstracts is March 9 2012.

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