PhD course: Political Economy of Information and Communication Technologies

Tid og sted


Skagen, Denmark 21.08.2012 til 26.08.2012



+45 99 40 25 10

Course objective and content

The aim of the course is to refine the level of knowledge of the participating Ph.D. students on the economic and political structures and mechanisms affecting technology development in the ICT area. It also considers the impact of implementation and application of ICTs on the economy and broader social developments.

It is a course in the political economy of technology development with a disciplinary point of departure in economics and social science. This theme is explored at a company (micro), sectoral (meso) and/or societal (macro) level. The level(s) in focus will depend on the specific topics chosen in the course. The course targets Ph.D. students with a technology background combined with an economics and/or social science approach and students with an economics and /or social science background focusing on technology development.



Deadline for applications

15 May 2012

The organisers originally developed the course by NordForsk funding and now run it each year, 2012 being the 7th year.

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