Reassessing the Nordic Welfare Model – Final International Conference

Nordic Centre of Excellence Reassessing the Nordic Welfare Model inviterer til avslutningskonferansen 21.-22. august i Oslo.

Tid og sted


Oslo Quality Hotel 33 21.08.2012 til 22.08.2012



The Nordic Centre of Excellence in Welfare Research "REASSESS" – has since 2007 investigated whether Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden succeed in living up to the idea of a distinct Nordic Welfare Model. The overarching research question for the centre is whether these countries are able to reconcile economic effectiveness and social inequality. Researchers from nearly twenty university departments and research centres in the five Nordic countries have worked together in cross-national teams. The research has also included colleagues from non-Nordic countries.

Keynote speakers

Mary Daly - Professor, Queen’s University, Belfast, the UK: "The Welfare State in Society: Re-assessing the Social Challenges to the Nordic Model"?

Ann Orloff - Professor, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA: "Toward a Gender-Open Future? Equality and Diversity in Feminist Social Politics and Policy"

Sven Steinmo - Professor, European University Institute in Florence, Italy: "The greediest of generations"


With priority to papers with at least one of the Nordic countries as frame of reference, REASSESS invites paper proposals related to one or several of these topics:

  • Care
  • Childhood
  • Disability and inclusion
  • Diversity and universalism
  • Family and parenthood
  • Gender relations
  • Globalisation and competition
  • Housing
  • Immigration
  • Income inequality and poverty
  • Intergenerational relations
  • Pensions and income transfers
  • Social regulation
  • Welfare governance
  • Welfare-to-work (activation) policies

Deadline for paper proposals: 16 March 2012

Deadline for submission of full paper: 1 August 2012


The conference is free of charge. Register here

Deadline for registration to the conference: 1 May 2012.
Paper proposals and full papers should be sent to Mi Ah Schøyen or

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