Research Integrity in the Nordic countries

NordForsk invites experts to a Nordic seminar on Research Integrity. The seminar aims to promote Nordic discussions on research integrity issues, thereby creating Nordic added value through harmonization of the Nordic conceptual framework and identification of best practices in the area. The seminar will take place at Vetenskapsrådet in Stockholm, 15-16 June 2017.

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Swedish Research Council, Stockholm 15.06.2017 12:00 til 16.06.2017 13:00



+47 93602527

Themes to be adressed in a Nordic perspective include:

  • New European code of conduct. What are the implications for the countries?
  • Institutional responsibility vs individual responsibility
  • How is violation of good research practice defined in the national codes, and why?
  • How to deal with joint projects, industry and public funding

The Nordic countries by and large share the same clear views on research ethics and integrity. Nevertheless, the countries vary widely in terms of both their statutory framework and their practice. In several of the Nordic countries, the legislation has recently been revised or under are currently under revision.

The seminar will address the new European Code of Conduct and its implications on the Nordic countries.

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