Comparing the Nordic Universities with Bibliometric Indicators

At this seminar, NordForsk launches a report which presents the final results of a NORIA-net project on bibliometrics in the Nordic region. The report is the most comprehensive and detailed description of Nordic universities ever to be produced, describing the research performance of 40 Nordic universities in the period 2000-2009. Publication output and publication impact is depicted for all universities, both in total and across scientific fields.

Tid og sted


23.05.2011 fra 12:00 til 16:00



+47 948 38 681

Press conference: 16:00.

At the seminar, the report of a NORIA-net project funded by NordForsk with members from all five research councils will be presented.

The aim of this NORIA-net collaboration, has been to develop and demonstrate bibliometric indicators at the level of the universities in the Nordic countries. As a supplement to simple international rankings of universities, it uses transparent methods and describes differences in research profiles that may explain different positions in the simple rankings.

The seminar is intended for a selected Nordic audience of representatives from universities and from national research policy and administration units.

For more information, please contact Harry Zilliacus or Janina Lassila.

The report will be distributed at the aeminar to all participants, and will soon be available for download on