Workshop on cyber-security and society

NordForsk, The Economic and Social Research Council in United Kingdom (ESRC) and The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) hold a workshop to help inform the scope and development of an international research call aimed at improving understanding of the interface of cyber-security with ethical, social and economic questions.

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London 12.05.2015 14:30 til 13.05.2015 13:30



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We aim to bring together academic expertise from a variety of fields; including humanities, social sciences, engineering, technology and information security experts, as well as practitioners working in related areas. Through an international and cross-disciplinary understanding of the social and human aspects of cyber-security, we expect to launch a call aimed at funding research, which has impact on policy and is able to respond to global long-term policy needs. It is expected that the open call for proposals will be advertised in late autumn 2015.

The workshop will start on of Tuesday 12 of May at 14.30 and will conclude on Wednesday 13 of May by 13.30. The meeting will take place in Central London (venue tba).

Participation in the workshop is by invitation only and there is no charge to attend. NordForsk will cover travel costs in connection to the workshop (in accordance with Norwegian government travel regulations, meaning that travel costs should be kept within reasonable limits). Please book your own flights, NordForsk will book the hotel accommodation.

Please indicate your acceptance by registering by April 15, 2015. Sign up here:

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