The role of DOC and DON in plant-soil C and N cycling

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The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala 23.04.2012 til 27.04.2012



The finding that dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) in some ecosystems makes a significant contribution to plant N supply has initiated a change in our understanding of plant-soil interactions. We are presently experiencing a paradigm shift, where the traditional view, that N is primarily taken up by plants in inorganic form and thus plant-microbial competition is mainly concerning inorganic N, is being replaced with an N cycle model where soil organic N is the key to understand how N becomes available for plant uptake.

Since the organic refers to the carbon (C) skeleton of the organic molecules, there is need to link the organic C and N cycles in the plant-soil system. Furthermore, since it is likely that organic C and N have to be in dissolved form, i.e. DOC and DON, in order to enter the soil transformation cycles there is a need to explore the impact of dissolved organic molecules in soil nutrient cycling – at this course with a focus on C and N.

The course aims to:

  • present the state-of-the-art and the latest developments in methods and approaches in relation to DOC and DON analysis
  • provide the newest knowledge of plant-soil C and N cycling research
  • enhance the exchange of methods, ideas, and knowledge among PhD-students working in different ecosystems and at different trophic levels.

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