Workshop on a Nordic Grand Challenge Research Programme on eScience in Climate and Environmental research

The workshop is organised as part of the planning of the research programme on eScience in climate and environmental research, and will discuss potential directions for the Nordic Programme.

Tid og sted


Arlanda, Sverige 15.03.2012 11:30 til 16.03.2012 12:30

The Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative (NeGI) is now in its start-up phase. The initiative will provide a platform for Nordic eScience research and graduate education in selected Grand Challenge areas. The aim of the research programme is to support scientific progress by comprising the most capable combination of scientific competence and focussing on issues where Nordic added value can be found and exploited.

The main goals of the workshop:

  • Discuss potential directions for the Nordic Programme and provide input to the process of setting up the more detailed call text, due late April or early May 2012.
  • Provide a forum where researchers from the different fields can meet and initiate further discussions on future collaboration.

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