The Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative (NeGI):"eScience in Health and Social Preconditions for Health"
The NeGI Steering Committee has decided to allocate approximately NOK 40 million to the establishment of 1 - 2 Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoEs) for eScience research on the use of genetic/molecular data and clinical/population registries for research in health and social preconditions for health. This involves development of methods and tools for advanced data integration, data analysis, modelling and simulation for research related to health and social preconditions for health, with a special focus on exploiting national registry, biobank and genetic data in the Nordic countries.
The Nordic Top-Level Research Initiative (TRI): Collaboration Projects Green Growth in an Era of Climate Change
The present call invites high quality and innovative research proposals, which combine a Green Growth perspective with the aims of the two TRI sub-programmes "Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change" and "Interaction between Climate Change and the Cryosphere".
Call within the Education for tomorrow programme - Nordic Centre of Excellence
NordForsk in collaboration with the Academy of Finland; Swedish Research Council; the Research Council of Norway; the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Iceland; and the Danish Council for Strategic Research is issuing a call for proposals for a Nordic Centre of Excellence in a newly established programme entitled Education for Tomorrow. The programme's main objectives are to strengthen educational research, contribute to a knowledge-based policy for the educational sector through widespread dissemination of the research results.
Nordic Centres of Excellence within eScience in Climate and Environmental Research - A Grand Challenge Research Programme within the Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative
The Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative (NeGI) was established by the Nordic Council of Ministers, NordForsk and national funding agencies in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The funding partners form the NeGI Steering Committee and the initiative is administered by NordForsk. The NeGI Steering Committee has decided to allocate approximately 40 MNOK to set up 1 - 3 Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoEs) for developing advanced models, simulation tools and tools for data analysis for climate and environmental research, with a special focus on Nordic/ Arctic condition
Education for Tomorrow
Nutrition, Learning and Health
NordForsk inviterer forsknings- og høyere utdanningsinstitusjoner i nordiske og baltiske land inviteres til å søke om støtte for å finansiere forskerkurs (PhD). Målet er å tilby forskerutdanning på spesifikke områder hvor antall kvalifiserte studenter ikke kan nås i ett land alene. Kursene kan være innenfor alle vitenskapelige fagfelt.
NordForsk vil samle fremtredende forskergrupper i de nordiske og baltiske landene for å styrke og øke kvaliteten på forskning og forskningsutdanning.