Målet med finansieringsformen forskerkurs (PhD) er å tilby forskerutdanning på spesifikke områder hvor antall kvalifiserte studenter ikke kan nås i ett land alene. Kursene kan være innenfor alle vitenskapelige fagfelt.

Hvert forskerkurs kan motta opptil 400 000 NOK.

Forskerkursene finner vanligvis sted i de nordiske eller baltiske landene, og de bør være spesialiserte og intensive kurs (minimum fem dager) for doktorgradsstudenter og unge forskere (post doc.-nivå).

Det er ikke planlagt flere utlysninger innen denne finansieringsordningen.


Introduction to Climate Modeling
Applied methodologies for improved exchange between atmospheric e-science Infrastructures at high latitudes
First steps in atmospheric modelling
Computational Mathematical Modeling
Climate Whirl at High Latitudes
Nordic Research Training Course on Methods in Human Rights Research
Mathematics Education Nordic Summer Course 2012
Advancing Theory and Method in the Environmental Humanities
International summer school in manuscript studies
Materialities of Time: Ritual, death and the practice of archaeology
Doctoral Course in Entrepreneurship Education
Ethical, legal and social aspects of Aquaculture
Multilingual Interaction in Higher Education
Young physical activity and well being
Effect Studies and Adaptation in Climate Change
Nordic light and colours
Microsensor Analysis in the Environmental Sciences
Nordita School in Theoretical Particle Physics
Bioinformatics course for NGS data in microbiological ecology
Observational Stellar Astrophysics in the Era of Gaia and Kepler Space Missions
Nordvulk summer school on Tephra studies
The role of DOC and DON in plant-soil C and N cycling
Fate of the Arctic spring bloom
Atmosphere-Biosphere-Cryosphere Interactions
Nordic-NASA Summer School “Water, Ice and the Origin of Life in the Universe”
Microfluidics / lab-on-a-chip
Creativity and Control: Rephrasing Closed Societies
Analysis and Applications
Nordic seagrass ecosystems
Climate change effects in arctic and alpine ecosystems
Feedback, Communicative Gesturing, and Gazing
Analytic and Continental Social Philosophy
The relation between the political sphere and the ethical sphere
Millennium Children: Their Perspectives and Experiences
Hydrothermal systems and energy
From bloom to gloom - Primary production, food web processes and vertical flux in changing oceans
Multiwavelength Star Formation Studies
Advanced research using new x-ray sources
Environmental Archaeology and Science in Archaeology: concepts, methods and practice
Bringing Genomes To Life - Reconstruction and application of genome-scale networks
Modelling Patterns and Dynamics of Species Occurrence; a Nordic research training course
Advanced technologies in measurements of physical and biological interactions in pelagic systems of large lakes
Nordic-Baltic September School in Psychology