Nordic-Russian co-operation projects within Education for Tomorrow

The Nordic-Russian Co-operation Programme in Higher Education and Research: Call for proposals within Educational Research

Submitting a proposal

Applicants should submit their proposal by 30 April, 2014 by e-mail to

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The Nordic-Russian Co-operation Programme in Higher Education and Research is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. It intends to promote multifaceted contacts in the fields of education and research in the interests of sustainable social and economic development in Russia and the Nordic countries. By funding Nordic-Russian cooperation between educational institutions and research organisations, the programme aims to initiate long-term partnerships improving the direct links between the involved institutions and organizations.

Targeting the above goals, the co-operation efforts are directed towards multilateral co-operation in the training of highly qualified experts, exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students and university faculty, as well as towards joint research projects and promotion of innovation. NordForsk administers the research activities of the programme. The Russian activities of the programme are co-ordinated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The total budget for research activities within the Nordic-Russian cooperation programme in education and research was approx. 1.2 MEUR from the Nordic Council of Ministers, matched by an equal sum from the Russian Federation, realized as own contributions (including in kind) of the participating institutions. The first joint call for the research activities was implemented in the spring of 2013.

For more information on the Nordic-Russian Co-operation Programme, see the web page of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Thematic Framework of the Call

The present Call for proposals, which has a total budget of approx. 500 000 euros, is targeted towards supporting Nordic-Russian cooperation projects within Educational research and dissemination. Activities should supplement and strengthen ongoing projects of the joint Nordic programme “Education for Tomorrow”.  Priority will be given to proposals, which demonstrate true Nordic-Russian cooperation, high scientific quality as well as high relevance for users of knowledge within educational research.

An overview of ongoing projects of the programme Education for Tomorrow is available on

Funding Conditions

Funding for Nordic-Russian cooperation is available for projects building on activities within the Nordic research programme “Education for Tomorrow”. The funding will be granted for Nordic-Russian research collaboration, such as joint studies, data collection, comparative analysis, mobility and networking, as well as joint dissemination activities and user involvement.

The Nordic budget of this call is € 500.000, and the intention is to fund 1-3 proposals. The Russian partners in the proposals cannot apply for fresh funding, but should instead document by a Letter of Support that they have necessary resources to invest in the collaboration (approximately to an amount equaling the Nordic funding applied for). The existing funding of the Russian participants can include also in kind funding, such as personnel resources or access to certain infrastructures.
Funding period: Nordic-Russian cooperation activities may start in the autumn of 2014 and the maximum duration for activities is three (3) years.

Requirements for Applicant

The main applicant has to be a project leader in a project or a leader / team leader in the Nordic Centre of Excellence funded within the programme “Education for Tomorrow”. The applicant must have a Russian co-applicant committed to investing own resources in the cooperation and this should be confirmed by a Letter of Support enclosed to the application.

Proposals should contain

1.    An application form, including the following details:
- Information on the Nordic applicant
- Information on the Russian applicant
- Information on Nordic and Russian researchers involved in the cooperation project
- a budget with specified description of the planned use of funding in salaries, data collection, mobility and networking, researcher training, dissemination and publication, other costs and indirect costs
2.    A plan for collaboration (no more than 3 pages), outlining:
a.    main contents of the proposed cooperation
b.    relevance of the proposed cooperation to the research topic
c.    researcher mobility
d.    expected outcome and impact of the cooperation to science and to society (user relevance, policy development, etc.)
e.    plans for dissemination of results
f.    gender and ethical aspects
3.    short CVs of Nordic and Russian key researchers (no more than max 3 pages per person, including only main publications)  
4.    information from the Russian partners (free format, 1-2 pages + Letter of Support):
a.    research being conducted, areas of specialty and expected contribution to the collaboration
b.    participants and merits
c.    information on whether there are already established contacts between the Nordic and Russian environments
d.    confirmation about funding available by the Russian partner in the project (Letter of Support) 

Assessment of Proposals

The quality of proposals will be assessed by the Scientific Advisory Board of the programme Education for Tomorrow. A funding recommendation will be given by the Programme Committee of the Programme. The funding decisions will be made by the Nordic-Russian Committee, consisting of members appointed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Nordic Council of Ministers, which governs the Nordic-Russian cooperation programme within Education and research.
Grant decisions will be based on the following criteria:
-    scientific merits of the proposal
-    expected output and impact

Grant decisions will be made by the end of September 2014.

Project monitoring

Contracts with grant holders will be written shortly after the decisions have been made. Projects will be required to report to the Nordic-Russian cooperation programme within Education and Research on an annual basis. Projects will be expected to participate in joint programme activities, when relevant, as well as engage in efforts for disseminating the results of the cooperation.

Contact persons

For questions concerning proposal submission and Education for Tomorrow programme:

Kaisa Vaahtera, NordForsk, , +47 911 48 694

For questions concerning the Nordic-Russian Cooperation programme in the Nordic countries:

Susanna Sepponen, NordForsk, , +47 99417720

For questions concerning the Nordic-Russian Cooperation programme in the Russian Federation:

Olga Krasnova, International Department of the Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation, , +7 (495) 629-59-98

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