Nutrition, Learning and Health

NordForsk, on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM), hereby invites proposals within the Nordic globalisation initiative “Health and Welfare”. This call constitutes a second part of the sub-project entitled Nutrition, Learning and Health. The main objective of the sub-project is to generate better research-based knowledge about the connection between nutrition, learning and health among children and young people in the Nordic countries.

The aim of the call is to fund interdisciplinary research projects which study the conditions around meals in schools and pre-schools and their impact on learning in the Nordic countries.

Special emphasis should be given to topics such as:

  • Different models for organising meals in schools and their impact on learning, e.g. learning capacity throughout the school day.
  • The connection between homes and schools with respect to the type of meals and food served in schools in Nordic societies.
  • The link between meals in schools and questions regarding exercise and sports, physical health, and pupils’ notions of their physical appearance and bodies.

Facts about the call
NOK 4 million
Søknadsfrist utløpt
15.05.2012 - 14:00 CET
Nasjonale kontaktpunkter

Anne Munk Christiansen,
Center for Strategisk Forskning og Vækst
+45 7231 8394

Kustaa Multamäki, kustaa.multamä
Finlands Akademi
+358 (0)9 7748 8349

Jón Torfi Jónasson,
Háskóli Íslands - University of Iceland
+354 525 4524

Ane Marte Rasmussen,
Norges forskningsråd
+47 22 03 74 65

Elisabet Nihlfors,
+46 (0)8 546 44 245