Pre-announcement: A call for research projects on the shifting preconditions for societal security in the Nordic countries

NordForsk is issuing a pre-announcement for a call under the Nordic Societal Security Programme. The call will be issued in May with an application deadline in September 2017. This transnational call will have a funding framework of NOK 25 million, and funding will be available for up to three projects, subject to quality, with a time frame of three years.

The research project must include cooperation commitments from institutions in at least three Nordic countries, and the Project Leader must be based in one of the countries funding the Nordic Societal Security Programme: Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The formal applicant must thus be an institution, organisation or other legal entity based in one of these countries. An individual may only be listed as Project Leader for one project proposal under this call, and may not appear as the project or team leader in multiple proposals.

Thematic framework

According to international comparisons, the Nordic countries are known for high levels of trust in other people, in public institutions and in the rule of law. The Nordic countries are also well known for strong traditions of peaceful resolutions of societal and political conflicts. They are often characterised as pragmatic, adaptive and open to influences from abroad. These societal features have contributed to stable governments and to social cohesion in the Nordic countries.

The overall context of this call is the relationship between societal security and the Nordic model of society. Research projects should examine the relationships between various aspects/components of the Nordic model on the one hand and effective and legitimate arrangements for societal security on the other. More specifically, the call wishes to explore if and how the Nordic frameworks, regulations and institutions, (e.g. from democratic governance to policies in the fields of criminal justice, education, social welfare etc.), contribute to secure societies.

Further, this call is seeking research projects that address how the Nordic countries react to various forms of extremism, including religious, political, violent and non-violent manifestations.

Proposals may be submitted for data-based projects leading to new empirical knowledge or for mainly theoretical projects that offer novel explanations or analyses of direct consequences and long-term implications for societal security. The programme will give priority to comparative studies, either of the Nordic countries and/or between the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.

Proposals are being sought for joint projects that address key issues where added value can be gained from collaboration. The following priority research themes have been identified:

1. Various Nordic strategies in handling extremism.

2. The relationships between various aspects/components of the Nordic model and resilience in terms of societal security.

Proposals are encouraged to incorporate involvement of young researchers and international cooperation. Where relevant, end-users should be involved in the preparation and design of the project.

All applications must be submitted via the NordForsk online application system. It will be possible to create an application as soon as the call opens.

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