Invitasjon til europeisk konferanse om Open Access og e-publisering

Nordbib inviterer ledende representanter for finansieringsinstitusjoner, universiteter, forfatter-, forlags- og bibliotekmiljøer til Workhop for å diskutere veien videre for Open Access. Konferansen finner sted i Helsingör, Danmark, 23.–24. april 2007.
Progress towards open access to research outputs has been significant in respect of both repository development and the availability of open access journals. Opportunities exist for authors to make their work available in outlets which will yield higher citations and provide increased value from publicly or charity-funded research. A number of academic organisations representing funding agencies and universities have made policy statements supporting developments in scholarly communication. The Nordbib programme support these developments through funding of projects and initiatives as part of its strategic vision to improve the accessibility to scholarly information and research results.

As the open access developments have grown, the concerns of funders, authors, publishers and librarians have changed. While areas of dispute still exist, there is a willingness by members of all stakeholder communities to explore open access opportunities in a spirit of collaboration.

Nordbib wishes to invite leading representatives of each community to listen to speakers from other communities, to discuss the strategic issues raised, and to help to inform future strategy. Nordbib itself needs to hear the views of other stakeholders in formulating its recommendations regarding future activities concerning developments in the digital library services and open access to scholarly communication.

The conference programme includes an opening keynote by David C. Prosser PhD, Director of SPARC Europe.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us. The event is for invited only participants and will be free of charge. Places will be limited and your organisation are invited to participate with 2 key persons.

To register for the event and to receive further information and booking details, as soon as they are available, please complete the short online form by 16. April 2007. Please also make a note of the dates in your diary.
We look forward to hearing from you.

More Workshop information.

Nordbib is a Nordic research funding programme running from 2006–2009, co-financed by The Nordic Council of Ministers and NordForsk. The programme aims to create a joint Nordic approach to Open Access and research distribution. Read more about Nordbib.
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