NordForsk Launches New Funding Scheme to Boost Academia–Industry Collaboration

18 June 2008 NordForsk launches a call for Nordic Private Public Partnership (PPP) PhD Projects.
National industry-academia PhD programmes have been carried out in all the Scandinavian countries and Finland. An inquiry that The Danish Council for Technology and Innovation made among the industry partners participating in the Danish industry-academia PhD programme (ErhvervsPhD) in 2007, expressed very positive experiences:
  • About 50 % of the companies believe that participation in the PhD programme has increased their business’ competitiveness and turnover, or that they have obtained new patents as a direct result of the collaboration.
  • 98 % of the participating companies are pleased with the results of the PhD programme and would consider joining a new programme.
(“ErhvervsPhD : Ny viden til erhvervslivet og universiteterne”)

18 June 2008 NordForsk launches a call for Nordic Private Public Partnership PhD projects. A NordForsk PPP PhD project is carried out in collaboration between an enterprise, a PhD student and a university. The main applicant is the enterprise where the PhD student will be employed during the project period. Enterprise and university must be located in different Nordic countries. The programme is open to applications within all sectors and scientific fields.

NordForsk will fund at least 10 PhD posts. Funding is allocated for 3–4 years, depending on the national university PhD programme requirements. NordForsk covers up to 50% of the PhD student’s salary as well as costs related to travelling and participation in PhD courses etc. The other 50% of the salary costs are to be covered by the enterprise.

See complete call text and download application form.
Submit your application for a NordForsk PPP PhD-project no later than 28 November 2008.

For further information, please contact:
Senior advisor Simone Heinz
Phone: +47 90 84 53 82

Senior advisor Harald Botha
Phone: +47 97 54 61 68