Open call: Cross-border Living Labs Structures – Empowering Users in Real Life Settings

The first call for proposals within the LILAN programme: “A Nordic-Baltic research and innovation programme on Living Labs” opens today, December 18th.
The LILAN programme, which originates from a NORIA-net planning grant financed by NordForsk, builds upon the potential of the Living Labs concept. It is defined as a forum for research and innovation applied for the development of new products, services and processes. It employs working methods to integrate people as users and co-creators throughout the development process and recognises the needs of users and working conditions of service providers, in their actual contexts.

The financiers of this first call are The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA), The Danish Council for Strategic Research (DCSR), The Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS) and The Research Council of Norway (RCN), in collaboration with NordForsk.

Key objectives of the call are to:
• Strengthen the knowledge and research on Living Labs and user-driven innovation in the Nordic region.
• Establish and strengthen Living Labs’ network, and making use of existing Living Labs.
• Develop new, innovative and highly appreciated products, services and concepts. Research and methods should be developed and implemented with practical impact on the society.
• Create a platform supporting transnational Living Labs activities. This includes components such as; new constellations and partnerships; exchanged knowledge and experiences; and common resources, aiming to stimulate cooperation between research, industry and public sector, leading to improved work methods.
• Obtain a profound and publicly available knowledge on Living Labs and user-driven innovation; informing the development of new tools, methods and processes for active user centric contexts; strengthening the competitiveness of the Nordic innovation system.

Eligible applicants are public and private entities, governmental agencies and research institutions/universities. Projects must represent an active collaboration of at least three actors – research, industry and public sector from minimum three of the funding countries i.e. Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The proposed duration of projects is 1-3 years.

The call is funded through a common pot provided by the funding partners, and is administrated by NordForsk. The funds will amount to up to MNOK 15,6 and the individual projects will receive funds in the range of MNOK 2-5 per project.

Deadline for the Call
Deadline for voluntary outline proposals is 22 January 2010 (please note that this procedure is not mandatory).

Deadline for applications is 5 March 2010.

Read the call text here!

Contact persons at NordForsk:
Ellen Rydberg, Senior adviser
Phone: +47 94 83 91 71

Maria Nilsson, Senior adviser
Phone: +47 99 38 02 64

National contact points:

Danish Council for Strategic Research (DCSR)
Peer Tidemand-Petersson
Phone: +45 339 297 28

The Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS)
Thorvald Finnbjörnsson
Phone: +35 451 558 08

The Research Council of Norway (RCN)
Xiuhua Zhang
Phone: +47 22 03 75 46

Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA)
Mattias Esbjörnsson
Phone: +46 847 332 93