The IVIS project will create the IVIS Living Lab - an online social network of visually impaired users. The Living Lab will drive innovation for significant improvements in accessibility and usability of emergent ICT and Social Web technologies.

Millions of visually impaired users are disenfranchised in the information society due to poor accessibility and usability. Effective integration requires research in order to effectively address the technical and cognitive aspects of web interaction problems.

IVIS is founded on a deep understanding of visually impared user web interactions and cognitive models developed in the researchers’ other ongoing projects – a necessary starting point for such a project. 

In this project, visually impared users, power users, mentors and instructors from visually impaired user organisations can share their concerns, frustrations, preferences, ideas, opinions and suggestions on accessibility and usability of web technologies and ICT. Feedback and ingenuous strategies in web interaction are considered a precious source of user-driven innovation.

Fakta om prosjektet

Kristin Skeide Fuglerud, Norwegian Computing Center, Norway