Webinar: Pathways to research impact

About the webinar

In this session, we delved into NordForsk's methodologies for measuring and communicating research impact with Simon Granroth, Analytics Officer at NordForsk, exploring the intricate processes of impact with Magnus Gulbrandsen, Professor at the University of Oslo, and discussing how to communicate with impact with Research Communication Specialist Tomas Sjöblom.

Together, they provide a comprehensive view on how NordForsk works with research impact, the complexities of research impact, and strategies essential for impactful research communication. This webinar offers valuable insights for researchers and professionals interested in the dynamics of research impact and communication in the scientific community.


1. Welcome, Simon Granroth, NordForsk

2. How does NordForsk measure and communicate impact? Simon Granroth, NordForsk

3. Perspectives on the Non-Linear Processes of Impact, Magnus Gulbrandsen, Oslo Institute for Research on Impact of Science

4. Strategies for Communicating with Impact, Tomas Sjöblom, Senior Research Communications Specialist

5. Concluding remarks