Data Protection Policy

Data Controller

The Director of NordForsk is responsible for ensuring that NordForsk processes personal data in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Data Protection Officer

NordForsk has a data protection officer at the organisation. The primary responsibilities of this staff member are: to serve as the professional/institutional resource within the domain of personal privacy; to provide information and guidance regarding protection of privacy; and to ensure compliance with the regulations and internal guidelines for data processing.

Furthermore, the data protection officer is responsible for answering questions from individuals whose personal information is processed by NordForsk

Web-based Processing of Personal Data

General Processing

NordForsk collects and processes personal information through the website as well as other websites NordForsk operates for its current programmes and activities.

It is voluntary for individuals to share their personal data on NordForsk websites. NordForsk only processes personal information associated with the services it offers, such as subscriptions to newsletters and registration to events, with the user's (your) consent.

Frontkom delivers operational and maintenance services for the NordForsk website, and act as data processor on behalf of NordForsk. Syse delivers operational and maintenance services for the websites,,,, and, where no personal data is processed.

The websites include links to NordForsk's LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages. Use of these is covered under the privacy policies set out by those entities.

Web Statistics

NordForsk's websites register the IP-address of users visiting the site. Personal data are anonymised before processing so information about the visit cannot be traced back to an individual. NordForsk collects and processes data relating to use of its websites for reporting purposes and in order to improve the sites to better serve the needs and wants of the visitors.

NordForsk uses Google Analytics for collecting and reporting visits to its websites.


Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser. Please note that NordForsk do not collect user information on any of our websites.


Registration to NordForsk events are made through the organisation's websites. During registrations the registrant's name, contact information and any other information submitted are stored for administering registrations and participation. Any personal information shared during registration will be deleted within 30 days of the event unless users explicitly give permission to store the information.

Newsletters and Bulk Messaging

NordForsk uses electronic newsletters to which users can subscribe. NordForsk uses the marketing platform MailChimp for its newsletters, delivered by Rocket Science Group, LLC. A data processing agreement between NordForsk and Rocket Science Group, LLC regulates the data processing between the two entities. To send the newsletter to the correct recipients, NordForsk must store the email addresses of the subscribers. Any other personal information is optional to submit. The submitted data will never be shared, rented or sold to any third parties, and will be deleted whenever a user unsubscribes. The data are used only for administering the newsletter. The newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe or administer registered data. Users can unsubscribe at any time.

MailChimp is also used to send out invitations and registration information in connection with events that NordForsk organises. In this case, personal information will be deleted within 30 days of the event unless users explicitly give permission to store the information.

Electronic Recruitment Portal

NordForsk processes personal data when recruiting through an online portal, Emply Hire. The portal is used by all Nordic organisations under the Nordic Council of Ministers. A data processing agreement is in place between the Nordic Council of Ministers Secretariat and Emply Hire.

All applications sent through the portal are saved for eight months after submission before being automatically deleted from the system.

Data Processing

NordForsk uses Insights Grants, delivered by Machina AS, for processing applications and managing projects. A data processing agreement between NordForsk and Machina AS regulates the data processing between the two entities. The day-to-day responsibility for the stored data lies with the advisers of NordForsk.

Personal data are handled in connection with processing of applications and evaluations or project follow-ups. These data are stored electronically in Insights Grants and can be accessed by those with the relevant permissions.

NordForsk has established routines for the use of its archives and Insights Grants. The Director of NordForsk oversees compliance with these routines.

Generally, NordForsk stores the following personal information about applicants and project participants: Name, e-mail address, position, workplace and role in the project. Information about prior evaluation assignments will also be stored. NordForsk also collects any necessary information required for payment of remuneration to those entitled to it.

Personal Data on Employees

NordForsk keeps personal data regarding its employees to manage payrolls and staff responsibilities in accordance with the Personal Data Act Section 8 first paragraph and Section 8 litras a, b and f, and Section 9 litras a, b and f.

NordForsk registers information that is necessary for the payment of salaries, such as basic information, salary level, work hour registration, tax percentage, tax municipality and union affiliation.

Right of Access

Individuals who are registered within any data system pertaining to NordForsk have the right to access their personal data. In case the shared personal data are incorrect, incomplete or if NordForsk is storing information that it is not allowed to have, the registered individual has the right to demand that such information will either be corrected, deleted or supplemented. Such requests will be answered and addressed within 30 days, free of charge.

Contact Information

Kristine Janjak Høydahl