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The NordForsk secretariat has approximately 20 employees and is centrally located in Oslo.

NordForsk is an attractive workplace with pleasant colleagues. For new employees, we also have an onboarding programme to help them become well integrated both in NordForsk and in Oslo.

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An international work environment

NordForsk is located in the central part of Oslo. We share premises with our sister organisations Nordic Energy Research and Nordic Innovation. Together, the three organisations have approximately 50 employees from all Nordic countries.

We work closely with Nordic stakeholders, institutions and organisations, and as an employee of NordForsk you will meet people from all over the region. We attend and organise meetings, seminars and conferences throughout the Nordics.

A good place to work

NordForsk has a good working environment and delivers services of good quality.

In the spring of 2022, we were evaluated by Denmark's Technological Institute. The main conclusion is that NordForsk's performance has been excellent since 2018, and that NordForsk has developed into a relevant and useful platform for Nordic research collaboration.

We have flexible working hours, good welfare schemes and the possibility of training during working hours.

We also have many social events that you can take part in. We have a Christmas party, summer party, after work, culture club and a sports club, where we meet and mingle across the three Nordic organisations.

All co-Nordic institutions established and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers must follow the Agreement between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden on the legal status of co-Nordic institutions and their employees.

This agreement states, among other things, that the institutions must seek to achieve a reasonable distribution of positions between the Nordic countries, and that state-employed staff with limited-term employment are entitled to leave for up to eight years.

Oslo – a green and lively city

Oslo is a great city to live and work in. In 2022, Oslo was named both Europe's greenest capital and the best city in the world for work-life balance.

With its parks, forests, lakes and fjords, Oslo is a unique starting point for an active outdoor life, and it has a rich offer for those interested in social, cultural and culinary experiences.

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Meet our colleagues

Wondering what it is like to work at NordForsk? Meet some of our Nordic colleagues, who share their thoughts on NordForsk as a workplace.

Sandra Danielsson
Senior adviser at NordForsk

"We have a small organization with openness and transparency, and very competent colleagues. In the joint administration, we have good cooperation across the organisations, and everyone contributes to a good atmosphere and community at work. My working language is Swedish, even though I live in Norway, and I really appreciate having colleagues from all over the Nordics, with different languages and dialects. I have learned a lot about the Nordic regions, differences and similarities, and I feel closer to all the Nordic countries."

Bjørnar Komissar
Senior adviser at NordForsk

"I have a strong commitment to research, and for me the best part of working at NordForsk is that every day I can help facilitate research of high scientific quality and within important topics. I find it extra rewarding and interesting that we work to promote Nordic added value, and that I can collaborate closely with colleagues and researchers throughout the Nordics. Alongside the professional work, I must also say that I am happy to be part of a very good working environment with skilled and pleasant colleagues."

Kyösti Lempa
Special adviser at NordForsk

"I enjoy meeting Nordic colleagues in programme committees and getting updates on what is going on in the Nordic countries. The Nordic countries have different methods in their research systems and each country has its own solutions for research funding. I learn something new every day. It is very rewarding to work together with professional Nordic colleagues and I learn a lot. My colleagues have a broad background and great experience. Together we are a good team."

Marianne Knudsen
Senior communications adviser at NordForsk

"I think it is exciting and incredibly meaningful to communicate about Nordic research results and impact through e.g. news articles, newsletters and at seminars. At the same time, it is a privilege to be surrounded by such nice and talented colleagues from all over the Nordics. In addition, we have a good work-life balance. Oslo has a lot to offer when the working day ends, and I'm very glad I moved here. There are beautiful coastal paths, countless hiking routes and ski slopes in Nordmarka, and then there is a rich cultural life in the city."