Nordic added value
We seek to promote Nordic added value in all our research programmes and projects.

What is Nordic added value?

It is Nordic added value when research activities promote the creation of innovations in the Nordic region, and when research leads to regional mobility and networking among the Nordic countries. These are two of several examples.

How we define Nordic added value

Research collaboration on societal security: comparing practices and increasing critical knowledge

Nordic data extends beyond our own lifetime

Open Science and Open Access have become buzzwords we are hearing often these days. And many consider e-infrastructure an invisible contribution to Open Science. But it is invisible because it works so well.
Nordic eInfrastructure Collaboration under NordForsk provides many invisible contributions that facilitate research in the Nordic region, Europe and the world at large.

Nordic countries can pave the way for Circular Economy

In less than a minute, Professor at the Technical University of Denmark Tim C. McAloone explains how companies can make the transition to circular economy. He is Project Leader of CIRCit – Circular Economy Integration in the Nordic Industry for Enhanced Sustainability and Competitiveness.

Discrimination and exclusion are common phenomenons in schools in the Nordic countries. A report from NordForsk’s Education for Tomorrow programme shows how problems like this can be solved by taking specific initiatives in the educational systems in the Nordic countries.

Read the policy implications here

How do pharmaceuticals interact when they are absorbed into the human body?

The Nordic Neutron Science Programme is helping to shed light on questions like this and others. NordForsk is currently funding 11 neutron research projects with a focus ranging from rechargeable batteries to establishing a school for neutron researchers in the Nordic countries. Listen to Chair of the programme committee Fredrik Melander explaining how the Nordic countries benefit from each other in regards to neutron research.