NordForsk Gender Policy

The aim of the NordForsk Gender Policy is to make visible how gender awareness improves the quality of Nordic research and research collaboration.

Both gender balance among researchers and gender perspectives on research topics increase the quality of research and of policy decisions with implications for society as a whole.

NordForsk’s Gender Policy is based on the recommendations presented in the report “Towards Increased Impact through Nordic Research Funding. Assessment of NordForsk’s Portfolio of Instruments” (2010) and the report The Nordic region – a step closer to gender balance in research? (2013). In addition, NordForsk’s Gender Policy complies with NordForsk’s commitment to develop the European Research Area as presented in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the European Commission. The MoU implies that gender balance among researchers as well as gender perspectives on research are important aspects for the quality of research. NordForsk’s Gender Policy abides to good research funding conduct and transparency. It does not waver from the principle that all scientific evaluation of applications should be impartial and emphasize the quality of the research.

Gender balance aims at a balance between men and women. Gender perspectives on the research topics aim at exposing gender-based differences because they often impact the research results significantly.

Competitive funding processes should reflect this policy and all advisory groups, review panels, expert groups, programme committees as well as NordForsk Board and Secretariat should be gender balanced.

Suggested monitoring

  • All committees, groups or panels appointed by NordForsk should include at least 40% of each gender. They should also include gender expertise on the research topic.
  • NordForsk will analyse how men and women perform in NordForsk’s competitive funding (gendered success rate), what the gender balance is in the funding processes (both competitive and other-wise), and how the implementation of a gender perspective in the funded activities is achieved.
  • NordForsk shall have a visual expression that is gender balanced and reflects the diversity of society.

NordForsk secretariat will report to the Board once a year. These annual reports will follow-up on NordForsk’s activities and assess how the gender balance and the implementation of a gender perspective on the research themes is implemented.