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The Nordic Centre of Excellence Programme on Welfare Research

The main objective of the NCoE Programme is to create Nordic strength by promoting scientific excellence and enhancing Nordic research collaboration and mobility of researchers.

Combining competitiveness and growth with a high level of social services, the so-called "Nordic model" is attracting international attention. Nordic citizens are among those who are least at risk of poverty and have the highest life expectancy in Europe.

However, the Nordic model is under pressure. Against the backdrop of globalisation, European integration, immigration, the ageing society and increased individualisation, many have predicted the death of the Nordic welfare state. There is consequently a need for research in order to assess if the Nordic welfare model can renew itself in the face of global competition.

A Nordic Centre of Excellence is a well-structured and well-managed network of existing research teams from at least three different Nordic countries forming a virtual centre of joint objectives.

The two Nordic Centres of Excellence on Welfare are aimed at increasing the quality, efficiency, competitiveness and visibility of Nordic welfare research through enhanced collaboration in the Nordic region.

The programme is co-financed by NordForsk and several Nordic national science funding bodies, and will run 2007-2012. The total annual funding for a centre is up to 8 MNOK.

The distribution of funding in The Nordic Centre of Excellence Programme on Welfare Research. Total funding: 9,9 MEUR

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