Fast cooling and heating for diffraction and beyond (FACHD)

In 2023 the European Spallation source ESS will start its operation with an outstanding high neutron brilliance allowing for very fast measurements of advanced materials. A part of the ESS portfolio will be the neutron diffractometers DREAM and HEIMDAL which will be used to follow chemical reactions, magnetic transitions, and material sintering among others. In order to utilize the high brilliance available, it is of the highest priority to develop neutron sample environments with an ultra-fast heating and cooling capability.

Due to this fact and since funding for sample environments is scarce this project aims to develop two sample environments for DREAM and HEIMDAL;
1) A hot-air gun heater combined with a cryostream will allow temperatures from 10 – 1000 K which can be covered in 15 min. This setup is extremely versatile and will be extremely valuable asset in a plethora of scientific branches.
2) An induction furnace for medium and high temperature experiments capable of reaching a temperature of 1500 ºC, which can be reached from room temperature in 10 min. This instrument will open the possibility of investigating fast reaction at high temperatures which have not yet been possible.

By developing these setups, we hope to follow the temperature dependent exchange-coupling mechanism of the magnetic nanocomposite CoFe2O4/CoFe2 and to follow the sintering process of magnetic W-type Sr-hexaferrite in an effort to increase the magnetic properties.