Register-based research: Pharmacoepidemiology - drug use and safety

The graduate course «Register-based research: Pharmacoepidemiology - drug use and safety» will provide junior researchers with knowledge on how to conduct register-based research across the Nordic countries. The Nordic countries are in a unique position to perform high-quality register-based research due to the availability of population-based registers containing information about health outcomes and socioeconomic status of a total population of over 26 million inhabitants.

In order to take full advantage of the world-unique Nordic data resources it is essential to educate researchers about the possibilities and hindrances involved in conducting register-based research within the Nordic countries. Our course is aimed at preparing students from different scientific backgrounds to work together and provide them with necessary tools to conduct high-quality research based on the Nordic register data. The course will have a special focus on pharmacoepidemiology, a research field that investigates the utilization and effects of drug use in large populations. At the time of marketing of new drugs, little is known about potential adverse effects and long-term outcomes of use of the drugs in the general population.

Through register-based research it is possible to investigate the effects and safety of drugs under real-world circumstances. Data from several countries are often needed to investigate uncommonly used drugs and rare but serious events. During the course, the participants will be presented to a wide range of national and regional data sources available on drug dispensing, health outcomes and socioeconomic status.

They will be trained in research methodology, how to perform register-based research, how to plan and carry out Nordic multi-country studies including legal aspects as well as research ethics. The course faculty consists of researchers having comprehensive experience with epidemiological methods and with Nordic register-based research. The course is open for PhD students and junior researchers from all the Nordic countries. Students from outside the Nordic countries can also apply.


Maria Nilsson

Maria Nilsson

Special Adviser