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Nordic Centre of Excellence – New learning and teaching environments and practices

Please note that as of 3 April 2017, the call text has been slightly moderated in order to clarify the scope of the call. The term "primary education" has been expanded to "compulsory education", covering grades 1-9/10.

The research context of the NCoE may be early childhood education and care, primary education (i.e. compulsory education, grades 1-9/10) or teacher education, or combinations of these contexts. Research proposals are invited to study:

  • Teaching and learning processes and student engagement;
  • Inclusive and multilingual education;
  • Adaptive learning, digital technologies and use of media;
  • Teacher education and professional development;
  • School environment, well-being and interaction with local communities.

Eligible participants

The scheme is open to researchers based at universities, university colleges, universities of applied sciences and research institutes in the Nordic countries. The consortium must involve partner institutions from at least three Nordic countries.

Financial framework

Applicants are invited to apply for funding to establish a Nordic Centre of Excellence with a budget of NOK 25 million and a duration of five years. The intention is to provide funding for one Nordic Centre of Excellence, subject to quality, under this call.

Participating partners

This call is a joint effort between the Academy of Finland, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, the Research Council of Norway, the Swedish Research Council, and NordForsk.

Read the full call text here.


Siri Bjarnar. Photo: NordForsk

Siri Jørgensen Bjarnar

Chief Operating Officer