Nordic Centres of Excellence in Arctic Research

Given the global importance of the Arctic region, and the transnational implications of environmental change in the region, NordForsk is now initiating a larger-scale, joint Nordic Initiative on Arctic Research by establishing Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE).

The call is open to international consortia of researchers and research groups from various sectors, including institutions of higher education, e.g., universities and other research institutions, and other organisations with a strong research focus. Participation in the previous NordForsk call for applications for planning grants (with deadline 5 June 2014) is not mandatory to apply to this NCoE call.

The programme will invite cross-disciplinary, high quality and innovative NCoE proposals on topics relevant to a responsible development of the Arctic region. The thematic framework for the programme is:

  • Drivers of change in the Arctic region - interactions and impacts
  • Arctic resource development in a global context
  • Waters, ecologies and life environments

NCoE status and funding will be granted for a period of five years. Three to four NCoEs will be funded.

Proposals should be submitted electronically no later than 4 March 2015 at 14.00 CET.

Read the full call text here.