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Nordic Register-based Research Projects

The Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare is a collaborative effort between Denmark (the Danish Council for Independent Research | Medical Sciences), Finland (The Academy of Finland), Iceland (The Icelandic Centre for Research Rannís), Norway (The Research Council of Norway), Sweden (The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare Forte and The Swedish Research Council) and NordForsk.

The overall goal of the Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare is to improve health in the Nordic countries by finding solutions to societal and public health challenges through high-quality research.

The Nordic countries possess a unique source of knowledge in their population-based register and biobank data. The research infrastructures that result from the alignment of socio-economic and health registers across the Nordic countries can be utilised to apply a multidisciplinary approach to research activities targeting grand societal challenges.

Thematic Framework
The call is targeted towards Nordic register-based research. The research should address societal challenges and use register data from combined data sources (i.e. both socio-economic and health-related data). User involvement and perspectives should be taken into account.

The Programme Committee specifically invites research proposals addressing:

  1. Health challenges related to working life (including sickness absence, disability pensions and retirement conditions).
  2. Prevention, quality of life and underlying causes of illness and health conditions in children and young people. Consideration should be given to the children’s families and social environment, including school.
  3. Research on conditions on which the individual countries do not have sufficient data, including rare diseases.
  4. Research supporting personalised medicine.
  5. Research applying a life-course perspective.

Financial Framework
This call for proposals is funded and administered by NordForsk. The total budget for this call is maximum NOK 67 million, and the maximum funding amount that may be sought is NOK 10 million. Funding will be granted for a period of three to five years.

Read the full call text here.


Maria Nilsson

Maria Nilsson

Special Adviser