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Societal Security and Antimicrobial Resistance

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that a global public health crisis affects large parts of society and governance. The potential impact a health crisis as a pandemic may have on society at large was not widely studied, and contingency plans were not developed for other sectors than the health sector.

Societal security comprises the ability of a society to sustain vital societal functions and secure individual life, health, needs and basic values under extraordinary stresses, known as crises. The consequences of increased antimicrobial resistance on societal security in the Nordic region is yet to be studied, and the aim of this call is to provide research-based knowledge for the development of polices and strategies for handling the societal security consequences of an antimicrobial resistance crisis across sectors and across the Nordic Region.

Projects can address the effects for individuals and groups, for Nordic societies, and for the Nordic community, of antimicrobial resistance within the thematic framework of the call. Different scenarios can be developed to exemplify situations that could occur and that should be planned for. A one-health approach should be taken, when applicable.


Available budget: 6 million NOK.

Maximum amount of funding that may be sought: 3 million NOK.