Forside af en rapport

NordForsk launches Impact Report 2022

Director of NordForsk Arne Flåøyen emphasises the importance of the report:

“It is important for NordForsk to inform about all the high-quality research we fund and how the research creates impact on society and realises Nordic added value.”

Policy influence

Influence on political processes and decisions is an important indicator of impact. Therefore, we ask the projects to report on policy influence, more specifically the amount and what kind of influence.

Results show that 31 projects have reported at least one policy influence.

If we look at policy influence by type, the three most reported types are: Influenced training of practitioners or researchers (38 cases) followed by Membership of a guideline committee (27 cases) and Participation in an advisory committee (25 cases).

Where the data is collected

Most of the data presented in this report were gathered in June 2022 via the reporting system Researchfish. The data concerning NordForsk research by geography, Vision 2030 and Agenda 2030 are from our own portfolio analyses.


Guttorm Aanes. Photo: NordForsk

Guttorm Aanes

Head of Communications