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Three new calls for proposals

– I am very pleased that we can launch new research activities in such diverse areas as sustainable agriculture, future working life and societal security and COVID-19. The activities will be important contributions to strengthening research cooperation in the Nordics, to ensure Nordic added value and to realising the Nordic Council of Minister’s vision that the Nordic region will be the world's most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030, says Arne Flåøyen, Director of NordForsk.  

Future Working Life 

The thematic framework for this call encompasses work environment, including occupational health and wellbeing, new risk factors and long-term effects of COVID-19 for particularly exposed occupational groups. 

Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change 

The second new call established by NordForsk is Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change and will also be a Nordic-Baltic co-operation. 

The thematic framework is:  

  • Plants adapted for future Nordic and Baltic conditions,
  • Increased local and regional protein production for food and feed,
  • Plants and soil as a carbon sink and
  • Transformation towards climate-smart and profitable local and regional agriculture.

The two new calls will be announced in 2022. 

Societal security and pandemics 

The thematic framework for the call encompasses the medium to long-term consequences beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, as they relate to societal security and the notion of a Nordic community, and how the Nordic countries can evolve together – or not together – for the future. The different policies and practices applied in the Nordic countries will provide opportunities for fruitful comparative approaches.  

The call is expected to be announced in December 2021. 

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