Nordic Centre of Excellence

The aim of a NordForsk Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) is to promote Nordic cooperation between outstanding researchers and research institutions.

Through strategic initiatives within areas of priority when this adds value to research in the Nordic countries, the intention of a Nordic Centre of Excellence is that the best research contribution that the Nordic region can offer, should be made visible and thus have increased influence in Europe and in the international research world in a broader sense.

A Nordic Centre of Excellence may be multilocated i.e., distributed over several research institutions. They are established within research areas which have high priority in the Nordic countries. A NCoE must have a joint research agenda, coordinated researcher training and collaboration on research infrastructures. Through increased use of Nordic research infrastructure and cooperation across country borders researchers are given the opportunity for strengthened excellence and increased impact on the international arena. Within the NCoE opportunities are created for young researchers to be established in excellent research environments.

Priority is given to research judged to have considerable potential to result in long-term knowledge based progress. An NCoE is usually built on cooperation between at least three countries within one topic or field.