Critical steps in understanding land surface atmosphere interactions: from improved knowledge to socioeconomic solutions

The project will perform the necessary preparatory work required to solve still open scientific questions that are specifically important for the Arctic-boreal region in the coming years.

In particular the open science questions in the context of global climate change and its consequences to nature and to the Northern societies are related to net effects of various feedback mechanisms connecting the biosphere, atmosphere and human activities.

The project strengthens the joint observation activities and contributes to the development of a crucial observation network delivering novel ground-based ocean-landatmosphere data for the future early warning systems. The applications of the early warning observations are relevant for forecasting the occurrence of floods, forest fires, droughts, and other extreme weather events. It can be used to estimate environmental contamination due to industrial accidents. In addition to the science, the project will educate young scientist and technical experts in the field.


Kyösti Lempa

Kyösti Lempa

Special Adviser