ProMeal - Prospects for promoting health and performance by school meals in Nordic countries

Food habits are established early in life and what is eaten at school is important for a child's total food intake. Schools are an important arena for public health actions with the aim to prevent lifestyle related diseases and to promote good food habits, health and learning since all children can be reached. Further, school meals have the potential to decrease differences in food habits and health related to socio-economic and ethnic differences. The aspect of food as an integral part of education is rarely taken in to consideration.

The network wich includes the Nordic countries Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland will provide interdisciplinary studies on the impact of school lunches on health and learning conditions among children in a Nordic setting. The collaboration will contribute to a common knowledge base that can be utilized for evidence based practice and for strengthening of policies related to school meals, childhood health and learning in a Nordic arena. The project will also contribute to development of innovative methodologies within the area of educational research linked to food and nutrition.