The role of the Atlantic in constraining Eurasian climate change (TRACE)

TRACE aims to enhance Nordic-Russian cooperation in Higher Education and Research in the NordForsk funded TRI GREENICE project and NCoE ARCPATH.

It will achieve this through a joint study addressing an important scientific question that is not considered by either of these NordForsk projects: Can better resolving the sharp Gulf Stream sea surface temperature front help constrain future projections of climate and weather extremes over Eurasia?

Addressing this requires the key expertise of the Nordic and Russian research teams, the mobility of junior and senior researchers, joint use of infrastructure, and the joint development of methods.

TRACE is a pilot study to assess the need for a coordinated modelling activity, as carried out in GREENICE, that could form the basis for a new NordForsk proposal. TRACE’s main results will be disseminated at the final GREENICE project meeting, where key stakeholder groups will be present.