Unveiling the risk factors of ageing to promote healthy longevity

Ageing is the primary driver and risk factor for most common diseases. Knowledge of molecular drivers of human ageing is therefore needed in order to design interventions that promote healthspan and lifespan.

The aim of this ‘NO-Age Japan-Nordic’ project is to take the advantage of our established clinical and population databases in Norway, Finland, and Japan, as well as our ready-to-use materials and omics data from our wet laboratories (Norway, Sweden, Japan), to generate a DNA damage response (DDR)-based scoring system to predict ageing progression and the risks of age-predisposed Alzheimer’s disease (AD) at individual levels. 

The primary proposed output of this study is the development of a ‘composite biomarker’ comprising polygenic and clinical risk scoring system for the prediction of biological age and individual susceptibility to AD, one of the most common diseases in the elderly and with formidable socioeconomic challenges in both the Nordic countries and Japan.

The success of this project may enable the development of actionable, personalised interventional strategies to slow down ageing and prevent/delay age-predisposed diseases. The long-term goal is to enable the elderly to have happier, healthier lives.


Maria Nilsson

Maria Nilsson

Special Adviser